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Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS has developed an innovative technology called MARC-I Technology, in-conjunction with our lightweight steel container structures which incorporates a higher grade of structural support and integrity,  allows the upper structure to be encapsulated into a connected lower steel containment chamber for structural and limited consumer protection. All structures come with a high density multi-use foam integration, this technology is installed on the exterior to provide the look and interior to provide the wall systems and combined they both provide a higher R value for structural insulation. All structures also come with built-in energy generation technology that provides off grid independent power and smart technology. This innovative technology and other incorporated innovations give the end-user multiple benefits and a higher survival rate against today's ever occurring man-made and global disasters.

The following animation and information highlights the technology, benefits and opportunities this unique innovation brings to today's global market.

                                                                           FOAM INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGY   

Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS structures are engineered with light gauge steel and foam technology. The internal structures kitchen, bath, living room and bedrooms infrastructure are also incorporated with this high R value foam technology. The furnishings will be custom designed with multiple applications for the consumer to choose from, the furniture is also incorporated with light gauge steel and high-density foam engineering and construction.

Through this innovative technology this corporation looks to establish independent startup industries and distribution centers on a national and global scale. 

Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS 

Structures and Technology

When you look at or have lived through an electrical blackout from today's ever occurring weather event or man-made disaster,  you know that change and innovation must be developed. This is not just a threat to ourselves and family,  but a threat to our national security and way of life. Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS understands this and has incorporated into every structure independent green energy producing technology that gives the end-user an independent power plant resource.

The structure highlighted in the background incorporates this industry's structural recycled container engineering, green construction and look for the first stage Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS New Century residential and commercial design and technology.

All structures will incorporate patented elevator lift technology, built-in energy generation , multi-use green innovations, multi-gate flood and floating  infrastructure systems and one electrical vehicle and charging station as standard options.