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                                                                Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS

Green Earth Missionary Aerospace Gems has been established as a research and development corporation who's infrastructure contains  an ever growing list of inventors, innovators and engineers combined that gives this network over one hundred years of experience and knowledge in the green industry.

The technology we target and develop is for global need, use and to benefit those who utilize these systems for daily interaction and life saving emergency situations.

It is the goal of this corporation to expand our global applications for the development of industry, education, jobs, community development, redevelopment and the benefit of humanity.

At Green Earth Missionary Aerospace GEMS it is the future of humanity and it's survival that is our prime directive in all of our science, technology and innovations we develop. Further more it is our beleaf that all of humanity's children and children's children will take the lead and benefit from the positive developments we all leave behind or suffer the consequences from what we don't do today in our global community.