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Industry News Update

The patented New Century Mark 1 or ( Multiple Advanced Renewable Kilowatt ) first generation in multi-use energy Livable Power Plant is engineered to look and provide services as any high end residential or commercial high rise facility. However, in-conjunction with the latest in built-in patented micro multi-use technology each start up Mark 1 Livable  Power Plant is estimated to generate up to ( 16 ) sixteen mega-watts of clean renewable energy. This means that within this compact complex thousands of homes and businesses can be powered along with other innovative services incorporated into each power plant.

This revolutionary  technology is the brain child and has been patented by Imanuel C.R.Gifts and held by Imanuel C.R.Gifts foundation. In association with GEM Aerospace GEMS and Boss Intercontinental Green Living  this innovation is projected to hit the global market in 2018. The targeted regions for the first phase are the South Central and the East Coast  of the  continental  U.S. and the Caribbean Islands.

One of this technologies most unique innovative feature is its ability to generate a large block of energy within a small foot print. Unlike today's wind and solar farms who can take up to hundreds of acres to produce the same energy.

Additional built-in technology includes this industry's patented Detachable Intercontinental  Condos and or structures which incorporate the ability to be relocated anywhere in the world these facilities and parks are located. These condos also incorporate their own Micro Power Plant Mini Technology that allows the owner(s) once their facility is plugged in to one of the Mark 1 Livable Power Plant to live a high end jet set lifestyle. While making money from the energy their home or business generates. Other technologies from the New Century Mark 1 Livable Power Plant include in-house and surrounding community clean air filtration, clean water filtration and twenty four hour global monitoring.

The towns and cities who adopt this technology will bring to their current community and markets green community development and revitalization, job creation, stronger tax base, their own independence from the utility  industry, new support industry's, multiple revenue streams and much,much more....

When you think about it with all the bad things going on in the world today it's time for our neighborhoods, communities, towns and cities to become more independent and sustainable. " Green Technology " is the wave of the future join us, for your families, our families and our global community families sake.